Monday, September 11, 2006

Search Engine Assignment

Here are the search engines we had to look up. - Well it has the name quick in its URL so that implies that it would be a fast search engine. It had many different tools such as international phone directories, web, and pictures. Plus it also came in many different languages such as dutch, japanese, spanish, and many more. - Self-pronounced Mother of all Search Engines, it should be very good and easy to understand. It had yellow pages, white pages, and news. It was very much like Google. - Very interesting name but didn't have very much other than that. There wasn't anything on the main page and it didn't have any direct images such as Google. I found it did not enable my knowledge as the site said. - I found it very confusing, it had all the tools right at the top. There was a lot of different tools like, E-mail, chat, finance, news, sports, and search. I thought the point of a search engine was that you could just type something in and your done. Too confusing for me. - I found it had too many real estate, I'm not looking for land or a house. The actual search bar was at the bottom of the page? I didn'y like it and I'm sticking to Google. - Not a search engine. It's about writing books, I don't particularily like writing. It has tools like, blog books, business showcases, cookbooks, and portfolios. Not something I would go to often but it's kind of interesting. - The other way to search? Not many tools just simple, search and thats it. You could channel surf with your keyboard. It was easy. - You had to log in to view stuff, and it had stuff like blogs, and stuff kind of boring. I wouldn't use this. - Interesting you could get many videos, groups and categories, but some of the videos looked really weird like a guy who took a picture of himself everyday. I probably wouldn't go back. - Is interesting, it's simple and to the point. It has a directory, images, and shopping. I might come back again, but the name is too simple.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


heyy um... i think this is an assignment? today was the first day of i dunno wat to